Monday, March 9, 2009

Amazing Teapots - Part 2

"The teapot is to the potter what the convas is to the painter".

I hope you enjoy these amazing teapots...

This first amazing teapot is called "Ritual Teapot". It is slab-built, stamped white stonware created by Lana Wilson.

This second amazing teapot, called "The Odds Are Stacked", was designed by Robert L. Wood. It is slab-built earthware clay and steel; slip with oxide and frit, textured surface embedded with brokern pottery shards and peices of brick and steel bolts.

How fun is that?

This third amazing teapot, called "Moss Teapot", was designed by Shari Sikora. It is wheel-thrown made from altered raku clay with a copper base (bisque-and-raku fired).

Amazingly creative!


Anonymous said...

OoooOOOoooo, these are amazing! I am in lurve with the "Moss Teapot"~

Coffee,Tea n' Potpourri said...

Isn't it wonderful!!! I just love the crative design of that teapot!!!