Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Java-Log: The World's Only Eco-Friendly Coffee Firelog

For you real coffee-lovers out there...

Check out Java-Log ~ the most innovative, funky new fireplace item that has quickly become the people’s choice firelog. It offers a wonderful solution to the much detested chemical smell often associated with other firelogs since Java-Log has No Chemical Smell.

Java-logs are man-made fireplace logs that are made up mostly of coffee grounds.

For for the environmentally conscious coffee-drinker, you will appreciate the fact that Java-Log contributes positively to several environmental concerns and burns beautifully, hassle free.

Java-logs burn a natural flame since coffee has 25% more energy than wood and 3x the flame per unit of energy. Java-Logs produce significantly fewer emissions than firewood.

What a "crazy-fun" gift idea for a fellow coffee-lover!

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Katy said...

This is FANTASTIC! But I'm a tea drinker so I hope it doesn't make the house smell like Starbuck's?! That wouldn't work for me but it is good feng shui!
Partygoer from the UBP,