Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Brew Perfect Coffee Every Time

Getting a great cup o' joe doesn't have to mean paying a bundle at your local coffee spot. The best coffee you've ever tasted is just a few easy steps away, right in your own home!

1. Start with freshly roasted whole bean coffee and grind it as you use it.

2. Use good water. Remember, coffee is 98-99% water.

3. Measure your coffee. Two Tablespoons of coffee to every 8oz cup of water.

4. Brew by an Auto-Drip coffee maker or French Press. When using an Auto-Drip coffee maker, DO NOT leave the brewed coffee on the burner!!! It will continue to cook and will become bitter in a few minutes. Transfer the brewed coffee to a good thermos for flavor's sake.

5. Grinding Coffee Beans- for brewing good coffee is the way to go! Grinding your own coffee beans just before brewing helps ensure the freshest, best tasting coffee.

6. Storing Your Coffee. Coffee beans tend to lose their flavor rather quickly and even faster after being ground. It is best to keep your coffee whole bean until used. Always keep your coffee in a sealed container that prevents the coffee from being exposed to the open air. Coffee can be kept fresh in a sealed container in a cupboard for a couple of weeks.If you need to keep your coffee longer than two weeks, keep it in a sealed container in your freezer. When keeping coffee in the freezer, take out only the amount you are going to use and put the remainder back into the freezer immediatly. Coffee kept in the freezer will last a month or more.

7. After brewing coffee should be served immediatly. To keep coffee hot for a longer period of time, use a vacuum pitcher, an airpot or an insulated travel mug. This is the only way true coffee flavor can be maintained. Keeping coffee on a warmer destroys the flavor after as little as twenty minutes, resulting in a bitter tasting cup of coffee.


eric/BlogDeManila said...

i'm having my fresh morning brewed coffee right now.

1 more tip, use cold water in brewing.

Coffee,Tea n' Potpourri said...

Thanks for the input!!! I agree that cold water does make a difference!